This publishing house was founded in 2008 as the first independent one which is headed by their General Managers through a youth perspective. It works in producing cultural books that target young aged audiences and all of Arab readers in general,

Dawen is ranked first in the Arab world according to its fame on social Media, And it also come among the most important and Leading Egyptian publishing houses, AS it has honored in 2019 by the Union of Egyptian Publishers for being one of the influential publishing houses in this field, and so won the shield of honor from The union of Publishers and The Egyptian Minister of Culture.

About 300 titles have been published in all kinds of novels as well as Cultural and intellectual books; it has also won 10 awards in poetry, short story and novel in several cycles of the “Sawiris Cultural Award” which is one of the most important literary awards in Egypt, and it is noteworthy That the publications of the house top the lists of the best sellers in the cultural field in Egypt and some Arab World.

In 2018, Dawen started to implement translation projects from different languages. It translated seven novels which had received with excellent feedbacks from all the Arab Readers. As These Novels had been presented in a striking and appropriate way for the Audiences especially the young aged ones.

Some of those novels are | The Time machine, The Invisible Man, The Call of Cthulhu, Thirty Nine Steps  and  War of the Worlds. In addition to a selection of stories and poems published in a series entitled “The Translator”, and the house has also contracted to come out with a distinguished collection of recent publications, which is scheduled to be translated in 2019 and 2020, and has also prepared to translate some of the publications of the publishing house itself into English.

Best Arabic Novels     

1- “Al Za’franah”: which classified among the best literary novels have published recently about the romance mixed with the charm of the history of ancient Egyptians, the story revolves around an Egyptian archaeologist and a beautiful Greek looking together in the desert for an ancient Egyptian secret has been kept from thousand years reshaping our definition of the modern world.

2- I’ll Tell your story: Which has been on the bestseller list since 2015 till now, it tells the story of a hero looking for his ex lover who suddenly disappeared after his release from prison, and so he became involved with his cafe mates and their stories that draw an image of the Egyptian society in its most serious time.

3- I love you, Solyma: An exciting novel that has been honored by “Sawiris Cultural Award”.

4- Infinitely: which has been on the bestseller list in Egypt and the Arab world for the last year and so on. It tells a wonderful love story that combines an ancient Greek curse and an exciting mystery that leads their heroes to the true secret of happiness in relationships.

5- The Peshmurian: One of the most controversial novels that has been included in the best 100 Arab novels of the Writers’ Union selection.

6- Three dresses for one night: This novel has been chosen as the best of 2017 according to the Egyptian libraries referendum, which tells the story of a man after his failure of having strong love relationships, finally meets the love of his life and find himself back to collide with his old love stories in a different and a distinctive drama.

7- The last days of the Earth: a novel which predicts the future and has been converted into a dramatic soundtrack which won large fame under the names of the Super Stars of the Arab world in acting field.

8- Salafi writes novels secretly: one of the most controversial novels that has been published recently and has been nominated for several awards.

9- Happens at night in the closed room: the most widespread horror novel in Egypt and the Arab world for three consecutive years, which tells the story of four girls involved with A spirit which lives in a closed room in their students house, till one of them successes to unravel the mystery of this revolting spirit.

In Another Category

1- So Feminine messages: It is a book full of true honest feelings, and It has been the best-selling book in Egypt and several Arab capitals for more than 3 years, and is currently being translated into several languages.

2- Back off, Joseph: The Short stories collection which has won “Sawiris Cultural Award”.

3- Salma, I’m lonely now: A collection of letters and private confessions describing the life of a lonely man who writes to his former lover and it has been very well received.

4- A message in Picasso’s pocket: A rare collection of stories in all its events, which come within the categories of psychological and philosophical writes and has also received with a great feedback at the “Sharjah International Book Fair” 2018 as one of the bestseller books.

5- Materialism:  “Abdul-Wahab El-Messiri” is one of the most important researchers of the modern Era, and his book is one of the influential books in his field.

6- Egyptian Heritage: It is a series that explores the forgotten history, and it has been received with a great feedback according to the audiences and the critical views.

7- Air hostess confessions: Confessions which are full of secrets, romance and self-seeking, and it is considered as good different type of writing.

8- The Egyptians’ Catalog: It is one of the best books which have been written about the Egyptians’ natures and their special ways of laughing, crying and in life in general.

9- A lover needed: This book has been selected by the audience as the best book in 2017, as it is considered one of the most beautiful books that dealt with relations in a creative way.